Finance Yorkshire makes major investment in S3 ID Group

Craig Hopwood of Finance Yorkshire and Derek Gennard of S3-ID Ltd

S3 ID, the UK’s market-leading provider of innovative location awareness solutions, has become the first company to receive an equity investment from Finance Yorkshire.

Based in Rotherham, S3 ID offers a range of unique and patented solutions which improve personnel safety and security in the oil, gas, petrochemical and energy sectors.

This major investment of £1.1m from Finance Yorkshire’s Equity Fund will enable S3 ID to maintain the controlled expansion it has experienced over the last three years which has resulted in the development of several new innovative products, along with the acquisition of further patents gained in new strategic sales regions around the globe

S3 ID, which also has regional offices in Norway and Singapore, has developed a unique product range from its experience of serving the on-shore and off-shore oil, gas and energy industries. Its products are ATEX certified and solutions use patented technology, time proven in operations worldwide.

Gro Kielland, chairman of S3 ID, said: “We are extremely positive about the new opportunities this investment will create. It further strengthens our operations and will allow more investment in product and business development, demonstrating to our clients our sound business standing and continuing commitment to helping our customers in the oil, gas, petrochemical and energy sectors meet the highest safety standards available for their personnel.

“Going forward, our first priority will be to ensure our customers continue to receive the same high level of service and support they expect and deserve as we drive the business forward.”

Craig Hopwood, who led this investment on behalf of the Fund, added: “S3 ID is a pretty unique business that operates within a high-tech, growth sector. This made the company an extremely attractive investment.

Derek Gennard of S3-ID Ltd and Craig Hopwood of Finance Yorkshire.

We believe that S3 ID is well placed to continue its expansion in the oil, gas and energy industries and we see this as a long-term strategic investment in our region for Finance Yorkshire. We are looking forward to working with Derek Gennard, Eivind Fredriksen and the rest of the management team to help achieve their growth plans.”

A strong professional team was put in place to secure the investment deal. The principal legal advisors in this process were Stephen Kitts of Eversheds and Michelle Kershaw of Pinsent Masons. Tax advice was provided by Steven Watson of Allots and banking support by Julia Drever of NatWest.

Alex McWhirter, chief executive of Finance Yorkshire, commented: “This is a landmark deal, not only for Finance Yorkshire, but also for the region. S3 ID is a global business, based in South Yorkshire, which is leading the way in new high-end technology. The investment is an indication as to the type of equity deals we are able to provide businesses to help them meet their needs for growth.”

Helping a range of small and medium sized businesses to meet their funding requirements for growth and development, Finance Yorkshire provides seedcorn, loan and equity linked investments, ranging from £15,000 to £2m.

The project is supported financially by the European Union. It has attracted £30million investment from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as part of Europe’s support for the region’s economic development through the Yorkshire and Humber ERDF Programme, £15million from Yorkshire Forward’s Single Programme, and £45million match funding from the European Investment Bank.

For more information about Finance Yorkshire, please visit or ring 0845 649 0000.

For further information on S3 ID products and services, visit, call the team directly on +441709 538205 or email:



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O A P-unk Pensioners!

Ready to wreak havoc?

Fun loving pensioners Jim and Sylvia Boothman celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary in style….by dressing up as the oldest pair of O A P-unk rockers in the land.

Jim, 85, turned up for a family party wearing a wild Mohican wig and a wacky T shirt bearing the slogan Your Princess Is My Slut while Sylvia, 81, followed suit with safety pins hanging from her nose and a studded collar round her neck.

The homely pair looked like something out of The Sex Pistols after daughter Andrea, 52, took them to a fancy dress shop and chose their outfits for the do.

All the other guests, who were in on the ruse, dressed up in punk gear – with grandson Liam, 29, wearing studs and rings in his mouth and nose and the words I Love Nana “tattooed” on his knuckles too!

Retired betting shop clerk Sylvia laughed off the escapade yesterday, and said: “Jim doesn’t look that much like Sid Vicious, but I think our anniversary photos are pretty cool all the same.

“We made the mistake of saying we’d wear whatever outfits Andrea picked not knowing the family were planning a punk rock party for our anniversary all along.

“I wasn’t that keen when I saw all the wild gear coming out at the shop. It’s not the kind of stuff you’d choose to wear at 85 and 81, but we’d given our word to Andrea so we just threw ourselves into it as best we could.

“Jim’s black Mohican didn’t look that bad with his jeans and braces….and I did laugh when I read the message on the front of his T shirt.”

Relaxing at their home in Doncaster, South Yorkshire

Sylvia wasn’t too impressed, however, with her own outfit. “My bright orange and black wig looked like a dead cat, and I wasn’t taken with all the safety pins hanging from the earring in my nose at first.

“I wasn’t that sure about my orange studded collar and all the chains hanging round my neck either – but it turned out to be lot of fun eventually when everybody else appeared looking just as daft as us.”

Fourteen members of the family, including the couple’s two daughters, four married grandchildren, plus their wives, husbands and partners, sprang the surprise during a communal holiday at Weymouth.

Retired telegraph engineer Jim from Doncaster said: “We’ve got to be the oldest pair of punk rockers in the country. The anniversary party was amazing, and it’s thanks to the whole family and their fantastic sense of humour.

“I dread to think what they’ll get up to when our 65th anniversary comes round, but we’ve got a couple of years now to get ready!”

Hospital secretary Andrea said she had no regrets about turning her mum and dad into punk rockers.


“The whole family knew what was going to happen, but mum and dad didn’t realise till I picked the outfits for them in the shop. There was no going back then because they’d promised to wear whatever I chose.

“I wasn’t worried because I knew they’d enter into the spirit of things once everyone else got dressed up for the party.

“Nobody would have guessed their ages at the do – it was amazing watching them dance to The Sex Pistols and The Stranglers with mum swinging her chains and dad wearing his Mohican and his braces.

“It’ll take some beating when we start making plans for their 65th anniversary.”

Story by Martyn Sharpe

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First edit with the GoPro HD Camera – Paradiski

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Well, having made the decision I opted to buy the GoPro HD over the Countour 1080p and finally had the chance to put the camera through it’s paces during our Christmas ski trip to Vallandry in the French Alps.

The camera it is not much bigger than a matchbox with 2 buttons, shutter release and menu. The lens is a very compact piece of convex glass of about 10mm in diameter, I had to ask myself ‘could this tiny unit produce the kind of images that GoPro show on their website?

Well, the answer is yes!

My movie was shot using the r3 setting on the camera which shoots HD video at 1280×720 resolution with a frame rate of 50 frames per second. A little conversion of the clips was required to take advantage of the 50 fps setting (Cinema Tools) along with changing the mp4 files (MPEG Streamclip) shot in camera to Quicktime files (.mov) in order for them to be recognised and edited in Final Cut Pro.

I came home with 60gb of clips, here’s the first edit of these, make sure you select the 720p HD setting to get the most from the stunning quality!



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The Haxey Hood – my video edit…….just for fun!

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“Hoose agen hoose, toon agen toon, if a man meets a man nok ‘im doon, but doant ‘ot ‘im”

Smoking The Fool

Today, donning my thermals and a pair of wellies I headed east into Lincolnshire to cover The Haxey Hood, said to be the oldest local tradition in England.
It is described as a kind of rugby game with unlimited participants and few rules, not sure if the St Johns Ambulance people arrived today, where a leather tube is ‘battled’ over and walked by a large unorganised scrum (known as the Sway) to 1 of 4 pubs in Haxey and neighbouring village Westwoodside.

The Haxey Hood is a traditional event held in the village of Haxey in North Lincolnshire on the Twelfth Day of Christmas and dates back to the 14th Century.
The official story is that Lady de Mowbray, wife of a local landowner, John De Mowbray, was out riding towards Westwoodside when her silk riding hood was blown away by the wind. Thirteen farm workers in the field rushed to help and chased the hood all over the field. It was finally caught by one worker, but being too shy to hand it back to the lady gave it to one of the others to hand back. She thanked the worker who retuned the hood and said that he had acted like a Lord, wheras the worker who actually caught the hood was a Fool. So amused was she by this act of chivalry and the resulting chase, that she donated 13 acres of land on condition that the chase for the hood would be re-enacted each year. This re-enactment over the centuries has become known as “The Haxey Hood”

Lord of the Hood

The event, including a drink or two, involves The Fool leading a procession through Haxey Village to the church. Once there the Fool makes his traditional speech of welcome from the old mounting block known as the Mowbray Stone. During his speech a fire is lit with damp straw behind him. The smoke rises up and around him and this is known as ‘Smoking the Fool’.

The main proceedings start with the ‘Hood’ being tossed into the crowd from where it is ‘Swayed’ to one of the four pubs in the ‘rugby style scrum’. The game ends when the Hood arrives at one of the pubs and is touched by the landlord from his front steps.

Having last covered the event in 1998 I’d forgotten just how quick the Sway can turn! Shooting with a wide angle lens mean’t getting close to the action whilst being aware of the direction of the Sway. It was very easy to slip or trip on the mud which could have meant something a little more serious than a broken piece of kit!

As I left the event and the sun had set hundred’s of people, participants and spectators were still cheering on the teams………..I wonder if they made last orders?

The Sway

Check out the image gallery.

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Paradiski – Christmas in the French Alps

A great time was had by all over Christmas and New Year during our stay in Vallandry in the French Alps.

As usual we stayed with our friends at the Doncaster based operator Ski Olympic @skiolympic in their chalet hotel La Foret.

The village forms part of the Paradiski area in the Tarentaise Valley and offers uninterrupted skiing in the areas of Les Arcs, Peisey-Vallandry and La Plagne, accessed by the spectacular Vanoise Express.

I’ve started to ‘trawl’ my way through the 60gb of high def video shot on my GoPro Hero camera and hope the trailer above gives you a ‘taster’ for the film to come?

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