Le Tour in Yorkshire

Tour de France 2014: Stage 1

The Peloton makes its way up Cote de Grinton Moor

So le Tour came and went!

The Grand Depart in Yorkshire was a huge success with millions turning out on the roads of the county to support the cyclists over the two days.

I was asked to renew an old friendship and join the photographic team at swpix.com for the weekend. They were tasked to document the Grand Depart in the county on the lead up as well as the 2 days of action.

I choose 2 contrasting location’s for each day, the picturesque Grinton Moor in the Yorkshire Dales for day one and the ‘extremely’ steep Jenkin Road with its industrial vista for day two.

Proud to have been part of it.


Media Accreditation



Claiming my spot on Grinton Moor

Tour de France 2014: Stage 1

Cameras out for the cyclists on Grinton Moor


Tour de France 2014: Stage 1

The Peloton makes its way over Grinton Moor on Day 1 of Le Tour


Tour de France 2014: Stage 1

The sun shines on the Peloton on the first day of Le Tour in Yorkshire


Tour de France 2014: Stage 2

Riders cheered on by Crowds on Jenkin Road


Tour de France 2014: Stage 2

Cote de Jenkin Road


Tour de France - Cote de Grinton Moor

The Observer front page


Tour de France - Cote de Grinton Moor

The Sun newspaper double page spread

More images from Le Tour in Yorkshire can be viewed at swpix.com

More newspaper cuttings

contact: shaun@sf-pictures.com

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office: 01302 570814

web: www.shaunflanneryphotography.com

twitter: @sfpix

About flannpress
Shaun Flannery is a leading Yorkshire based freelance photographer with over 15 years in the industry. His creative flare and perceptive eye has established him as a highly experienced national freelance photographer with regular featured images in tabloids, broadsheets, regional press and trade titles. Used by press agencies, marketing managers and PR companies, Shaun’s notable persona ensures his ability to interact with each of his subjects making sure his corporate and PR images are given that, ever-so-required, edge! Shaun’s gallery includes remarkable front page coverage of news events; action shots from some of the most famous sporting venues across the country; fantastic shots of those tricky subjects – animals and children, as well as some outstanding images of members of the Royal Family. Knowing the importance of his client’s requirements and being able to interpret a brief well, ensures the service offered by Shaun is second-to-none. Coupled with his understanding of the media and his technological capabilities, Shaun appreciates the need for instant visual communications and is therefore able to meet his client’s strict deadlines every time. Anyone looking for a reliable photographer with the ability to consistently produce eye-catching images should contact Shaun Flannery, based in Doncaster, on 07778 315553

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