Ee bah gum what’s all this fuss about cycling coming to Doncaster

Sprotbrough Village - Tour de Yorkshire 2016

John Tanner pictured with ‘Yorkshireman’ Paul Hall, proprietor of Sprotbrough Country Club and Whippet Tigger. ©

Olympic and commonwealth games cyclist, John Tanner who lives in Sprotbrough helps get festivities underway for the Tour De Yorkshire

The Tour De Yorkshire will come through Doncaster on the 30th of April and the residents of Sprotbrough, where the race will go directly through are getting the festivities underway with the help of Olympic and commonwealth games cyclist John Tanner.

The competition route, which has now been changed thanks to residents in Sprotbrough village will now see the race go down main street through the heart of the village, down boat lane, through the falls and on up to Warmsworth.

John was ecstatic to see the route would now include Sprotbrough:

 “ Its great that the route will now come straight through Sprotbrough, there are some fantastic roads for sprints and the hairpin bends will be a great addition for the competition. It will make the race overall more exciting. Ii just wish I was a bit younger so I could compete”

After seeing on the Tour De Yorkshire website that the route would miss out the heart of the village Residents sprung in to action contacting the event organisers putting their case forward for why the route would be better to come through the village.

Paul Hall, the owner of Sprotbrough Country Club was one of the residents who spearheaded the efforts:

“Sprotbrough is a great village with a great community spirit. I couldn’t believe the race was going to pass us by. Now the route has been changed we will be holding a huge community gala on Main Street and New Lane Park for residents and visitors. There will be live bands, entertainment, stalls, food and drinks”

The Race will arrive in Sprotbrough at around 12.30/1 for the womens race and will see the men arrive at around 3.30/4 with the times to be confirmed.

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