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Shaun Flannery Director of Shaun Flannery Photography Ltd

Another day at the office!

Renowned Doncaster based commercial photographer Shaun Flannery celebrates 21 years servicing corporate conglomerates, local businesses and regional and international press.

HRH Princess Ann visits Harworth Colliery, North Notts

HRH Princess Ann after a visit to Harworth Colliery.

Established in 1993 Shaun Flannery Photography has seen many changes in the photographic profession over the years, from the lengthy process of using film and dark rooms to the now instantaneous, ready to publish, digital picture.

Shaun Commented: “The process and equipment has certainly changed over the years but the skill required to take a perfect image is still very much at the heart of what I do.   For me, whether I am capturing a sporting achievement, photographing a product in a studio or creating an interesting PR image, the main focus is about originality and ensuring a good composition every time.”

Fatal rail crash at Great Heck nr. Selby, Yorkshire

Devastation at Great Heck

Shaun’s gallery over the years includes remarkable front-page coverage of news events, action shots from some of the most famous sporting venues across the country and some outstanding images of members of the Royal Family.

Doncaster Rovers v Leicester City

Billy Sharp scores a ‘cracker’ for Doncaster against Leicester City

After having had his pictures featured in some of the most well know national newspapers and used by corporate brands such as Miller Homes, Drax, Finance Yorkshire along with NHS Trusts and Local Authorities, Shaun’s ability to capture interesting images has recently been applauded with his now iconic Tour de France image being used worldwide.


Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth visits the Media Centre in Huddersfield

“Saturday 5th July is a day I will never forget,” explained Shaun. “After deciding on what type of Tour de France image I wanted to capture I set about finding the best spot. By using the ‘route book’ along with Google Maps and Street View I had a pretty good idea of where I should be. I wanted to encapsulate the essence of Yorkshire as well as the peloton, so a wide shot was essential. I found my spot and waited, at the very minute the peloton road past the sun shone, the riders kept together and the vibrant crowd was framed against the lush green hills of Grinton Moor, all of which created the image I wanted – it was perfect!”

Tour de France 2014: Stage 1

Tour de France, Grinton Moor

Shaun went on to explain: “The next day, I wanted to capture an alternative aspect of Yorkshire and chose a perfect backdrop in Sheffield that portrayed the industrial heritage of our county. That’s the beauty of my profession what seems like the same image, for example a group of riders on a road, a hundred different stories can be told just by some creative thought and a good eye!”

As the evolution of photography continues and the desire for more original content to be used and shared online, Shaun Flannery has included videography to his range of services.

Thanks to Helen Dillon-Pearson at Flourish Marketing & PR for the press release.

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SWLeeds Utd v RSC Anderlecht

Lee Bowyer beats Anderlecht keeper Zvonko Milojevic, to score a late Leeds United winner in the UEFA Champions League

Mid air collision between a Tornado bomber and Cessna light aircraft.

RAF Sea King over the crash site of RAF Tornado and light aircraft

Sheffield Forgemasters International..Dr Jesus Talamantes-Silva, Director of Research at Forgemasters and Professor at the University of Sheffield.

Business Portrait

His Royal Highness Prince Andrew visits Bridon International's unit at Carr Hill, Doncaster.

HRH Prince Andrew visits Bridon International

Robin Hood Airport Rescue and Firefighting Services

Fire crews at Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield practice on the fire rig.

Nicola Adams - Olympic flyweight gold medalist.

Olympic Gold Medalist Nicola Adams

The last flying Vulcan, XH558,  touches down at Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield. .Vulcan XH558 is to spend the summer based at the airfield where she once stood on Quick Reaction Alert during the Cold War.

The mighty Avro Vulcan

Colin McRae on his way to victory in the 1995 Network Q RAC Rally

McRae and Ringer on their way to victory in the 1995 Network Q RAC Rally.

Relate - The Prime Minister, David Cameron addresses a group at the Shine Centre in Leeds.

David Cameron

Peter Emery - Drax - Biomass

Peter Emery, Drax Biomass


EasyJet A319 Aircraft at Robin Hood Airport

GB Boxing - Commenwealth Games

GB Boxing Portrait

Unknown coal miner Markham Main Colliery.

Miner at Markham Main Colliery

The Original Wedding Pranksters………The Hit Squad!

Doncaster Pranksters The Hit Squad

Farm Yard!

Having seen the amusing news article on The Sun website about the Southend ‘Mr Blobby’ house which was painted pink in a revenge wedding prank I thought it time to dig out my selection of images shot mainly in the late 90’s of the original wedding prankster’s, Doncaster’s ‘infamous’ Hit Squad!

Doncaster Pranksters The Hit Squad


Through the decade the ‘squad’ turned friends homes into fire stations, farms and beaches whilst the newly weds were away on honeymoon.

Doncaster Pranksters The Hit Squad

The photographer, wife and newspaper!

The story’s and pictures kept the local and national papers going for a number of years and even me, the photographer, didn’t escape their work when myself and wife Clare returned from honeymoon in 1999!

Doncaster Pranksters The Hit Squad

The Hit Squad in action!

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Going…..going….gone! Norfolk Park Flats, Sheffield.

Demolition of 3 tower blocks at Sheffield’s Norfolk Park Estate in August 1999.

Demolition of tower blocks at Norfolk Park, Sheffield.

Demolition of tower blocks at Norfolk Park, Sheffield.

Demolition of tower blocks at Norfolk Park, Sheffield.

Demolition of tower blocks at Norfolk Park, Sheffield.

Demolition of tower blocks at Norfolk Park, Sheffield.

Demolition of tower blocks at Norfolk Park, Sheffield.

Demolition of tower blocks at Norfolk Park, Sheffield.

Demolition of tower blocks at Norfolk Park, Sheffield.

Demolition of tower blocks at Norfolk Park, Sheffield.

Demolition of tower blocks at Norfolk Park, Sheffield.

Demolition of tower blocks at Norfolk Park, Sheffield.

Demolition of tower blocks at Norfolk Park, Sheffield.

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Portrait of a Doncaster Miner!

Unknown coal miner Markham Main Colliery.

A miner pictured after finishing his shift at Markham Main Colliery, Armthorpe, Doncaster, circa 1995.

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The Selby Rail Crash………..a photographers view!

RAF Sea King helicopters land at the crash site

It is almost 10 years ago (28th February 2001) that the Selby rail crash occurred at Great Heck, North Yorkshire. 10 people were killed whilst 82 suffered serious injuries.


The crash occurred in the early morning of the 28th after a Land Rover Defender towing a trailer swerved off the M62 motorway, down an embankment on to the East Coast Main Line coming to rest on the south bound railway track. The driver, Gary Hart, walked free from the accident but whilst making a mobile phone call to the emergency services watched as the Land Rover was hit by a southbound GNER Intercity 225 train travelling at 120 mph.

The leading bogie of the train derailed and the train stayed upright but points to a nearby sidings deflected it onto the path of an oncoming Freightliner freight train. The two trains collided resulting in the near destruction of the freight train and causing severe damage to the 225 and its coaches which overturned and came to rest down an embankment to the side of the track.

The Day….

Emergency Services search the mangled wreckage

I received a call at around 7am on that morning from John Edwards, the Picture Editor of The Sun newspaper, despatching me to Great Heck, very little was known about the incident at that point other than it involved a train. Whilst loading the car I took a second call from the ‘picture desk’ telling me to abandon the scene but to travel a short way from Doncaster up the A1 to Thorpe Audlin where the paper had chartered an helicopter from aerial filming specialists Heliscott. It was probably at this point that I realised that this was a major story unfolding!

The weather that morning was very grey with a little sleet falling, the flight from Heliscott’s base took about 20 mins giving me enough time to prep my camera’s and make sure I was going to get a clear view through the small opening window of the helicopter. As we approached the site the pilot was immediately ordered to leave the area as an ‘air exclusion zone’ had been set up, 2 RAF Sea King helicopters had already flown close by! We were able to make one wide pass of the site giving me some time to get a selection of images.

Once back at base I was able to file my images back to The Sun’s picture desk before making my way to the scene.

Carnage at the crash site

I have to say the scene from the air was a little surreal, like a child’s Hornby train set scattered on a green mat, it wasn’t until I arrived at Great Heck that I was able to take in the full scale of the disaster. By this time the emergency services were in full swing, ambulance and police were carrying out their duties and fire and rescue personnel were searching the wreckage for casualties. I spent another hour or so recording these scenes with the ever increasing number of media colleagues before ‘hooking up’ with The Sun reporter Martyn Sharpe.

View looking south down the East Coast main line

By mid morning The Sun’s news desk had received  a ‘tip off’ about the possible identity of the Land Rover driver and Martyn and I were immediately sent from the scene to a small village in Lincolnshire to try and speak with family and friends of Hart and to hopefully get the all important ‘collect’ picture of him. By early evening we’d managed to succeed in our work with remaining copy and pictures filed to the relevant desks.

Our photography and reporting of the incident made the paper’s front page, along with a double page spread of the scene from the air. Many other national papers also ran the images.


This incident happened during the early day’s of digital photography. I had bought a Kodak DCS 520, a professional digital SLR developed with Canon and based on their flagship EOS 1n film camera, 12 month’s before which offered 2 million pixels at a cost of £5,300!

The small pixel count on the camera meant I still shot the majority of my commercial and PR work on film using the ‘520’ solely for ‘deadline’ work with the newspapers. Alongside the camera I used an Apple G3 laptop with Photoshop for picture editing, transmitting my images with a Nokia mobile phone. Were all used to mobile broadband these day’s and the ‘high speed’ connections that come with it, the Nokia offered data transmission at 9600kbs or 28.8kbs with a fancy ‘modem string’ typed into the software, images took an age to send! All of it ‘cutting edge’ for it’s time!

A gallery of images can be viewed from this link, please note all these can be licensed for editorial or commercial use by using the buy button on the site. Enquiries to,

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Disruption and ‘fun’ during the recent snowfall!

Snow Jump!

After 10 day’s of cold, snowy & icy weather  check out the latest editions to my image archive. The library includes photograph’s of drivers struggling to cope with road conditions as well as young people enjoying ‘snow days’ on their sledges.

All images are available for sale as prints or for commercial licensing.

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Unlucky Pheasant!

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From my archive……….Hale Bopp Comet!


Hale Bopp Comet over Conisborough Castle, Summer 1997


During the summer of 1997 I observed nightly a ‘celestial’ object appear in the western sky, the object was the Hale Bopp comet!

It is said to be the most widely observed comet of the 20th century and one of the brightest seen for many decades.

Discovered in 1995 by Alan Hale and Thomas Bopp in the United States the comet was first visible to the naked eye in May 1996 but became common place in the sky from January 1997.

I was completely ‘spellbound’ with this ‘nightly spectacle’ and felt compelled to attempt to record it on film.

As mentioned in a previous post the late 90’s saw many photographer’s still shooting on film, me included. I decided that I would photograph the comet at Conisborough Castle in Doncaster, a well known local landmark!

Armed with Canon EOS 1n, 28mm lens, 400 iso colour negative film and tripod I shot a series of bracketed exposures allowing for the strong ambient sodium street lighting as well as allowing for the reciprocity failure which occurs in these situation’s.

The result, an handful of images which balanced all the factors. I didn’t keep the records of exposure and processing times but seem to remember an exposure of 10 seconds at F8 gave me the best combination.

After appearing on the front page of the Doncaster Free Press it became my best selling image with sales worldwide!

Visit my image gallery to purchase a copy or to view other stock images for sale.

Image Archive

The Princess Royal visits Harworth Colliery 1999

Check out the latest additions to my image archive.

All images are available for sale as prints or for commercial licensing.

The featured image is of  HRH Princess Anne emerging from Harworth Colliery, North Nottinghamshire after a visit in September 2009.

The Princess Royal dressed in overalls, hardhat and protective glasses travelled more than 2 miles underground to visit coalminers working on the coal face.

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From my archive……….Mid Air Collision between RAF jet fighter and light aircraft

On the 22nd January 1999 whilst riding her horse around the field’s of Mattersey in North Notts my sister in law heard a loud bang and looked up to witness the aftermath of an RAF Tornado jet colliding with a Cessna light aircraft. Wreckage was strewn around a large area of the countryside which also fell dangerously close to the village and the local Primary School. Four people lost their lives in the aircraft but luckily no one was hurt on the ground!

I had a very early call on this and got to the scene within 45 minutes of the accident. This was pre digital camera day’s so everything was shot on film, processed and scanned for transmission to the newspapers using some ‘very slow’ technology!

Here’s how The Independent reported the accident


More images at:  www.shaunflanneryphotography.com

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