Environmental Company Set To Expand With Business Loan

Finance Yorkshire - Oceans ESU

L-R Rob Large, Senior Consultant Oceans ESU, David Ward, Finance Yorkshire, Michelle Gill, Director of Oceans ESU.

A £35,000 Business Loan is helping a Barnsley based environmental company to further expand its services in Europe and around the world.

Oceans ESU will use the investment from Finance Yorkshire to develop existing services and introduce new ones. It will also allow the business to strengthen its foothold in key global markets.

Established in 1992, Oceans ESU is an environmental management company providing reed beds for polluted waters, alongside contaminated land services, air, dust and vapour monitoring and consultancy services.

Customers include UK supermarkets, as well as petroleum companies in South Sudan, Malaysia, India and the UK.

The company has a long-standing relationship with the environmental sector in East Africa and has recently announced its first contract with the world’s newest country, the Republic of South Sudan. It has also recently completed its first reed bed project in Malaysia.

Co-Director Michelle Gill runs Oceans ESU with her father, Dr Lucian Gill. She said: “This Business Loan from Finance Yorkshire gives us the working capital we need to further develop our work in South Sudan, as well as opening up new markets in Kenya and Poland.”

Finance Yorkshire Portfolio Manager David Ward said: “Oceans ESU is a well-respected Yorkshire business doing valuable work in countries around the world. We are pleased that this Business Loan will help them to develop products and services in existing markets including the UK and South Sudan, in addition to opening up entirely new markets such as Poland and Kenya.”

To date Finance Yorkshire has made 609 investments totalling over £76 million.

Finance Yorkshire provides seedcorn, loan and equity linked investments, ranging from £15,000 to £2m to help a range of small and medium sized businesses to meet their funding requirements for growth and development.

The project is supported financially by the European Union. It has attracted £30million investment from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as part of Europe’s support for the region’s economic development through the Yorkshire and Humber ERDF Programme, £15million from UK Government and £45million match funding from the European Investment Bank.

For more information about Finance Yorkshire, please visit http://www.finance-yorkshire.com  or call 0845 649 0000.

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Motorskills extends services to young people thanks to funding from UK Steel Enterprise

Motorskills Project - UKSE

Kelly at work at the Motorskills Project

A Barnsley based community project that offers educational, recreational and vocational opportunities to young people and families is extending its services thanks to a donation from UK Steel Enterprise.

Athersley Cares was set up in 1989 and its Motorskills project opened in 2000 to provide needs-led projects for people living in and around Athersley, north Barnsley. Motorskills provides a range of high quality accredited and non accredited vocational motor vehicle mechanics training sessions to adults and 13 – 19 year olds. Many of the people on its courses are NEETs – those Not in Education, Employment or Training.

The £1,470 grant is made up of £1,370.00 from the UK Steel Enterprise Charitable Fund with the rest coming from the “I Love Barnsley” fund and will be used to launch an evening drop in session for local young scooter riders. It will offer help and advice on safety, legal requirements and maintenance.

UK Steel Enterprise Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Steel that invests in growing businesses in South Yorkshire.  It also supports community based organizations and initiatives that make a positive difference to the economic regeneration of communities affected by changes in the steel industry. Through its fund with the South Yorkshire Community Foundation (SYCF), UK Steel Enterprise Ltd is linked to groups and projects that are adding lasting value to local communities on a daily basis.

Keith Williams, Regional Manager of UK Steel Enterprise in Yorkshire says the funder is committed to working with community groups that bring about real change.

“The services that Athersley Cares provides reach some of the hardest to engage people in our communities. By offering them an opportunity to obtain qualifications and experience it is providing the chance for them to enter employment or full-time training/education. It is an excellent project and we are delighted to support its aims,” said Keith Williams.

The project currently has between 70 and 80 people from right across Barnsley using its services each week. One of them is Kelly Beever (19), a single mum from Athersley. Kelly discovered the project while on a training course when she was 14 and returned after leaving school. Inspired by her mechanic Grandfather, Kelly is now nearing the end of her first year of studying for an IMI Award in Car Service and Maintenance.

“At school I got in with the wrong crowd which held me back. I love this course and I’m hoping to become a fully trained mechanic in a local garage. The project has helped me in lots of other ways too; my self-confidence and self-esteem have been really lifted and I’m looking forward to hopefully working full-time,” said Kelly.

Lorraine Headen is the Project Manager at Athersley Cares and says Kelly is a shining example of how the students apply themselves. “I’m always highly impressed with what the students achieve. We have some people who attend that face challenges, however, they often rise to them and reach their goals at the project. Kelly is a total star; her attendance is fantastic and she’s a real team player. She’s well on track to achieve her qualification and I have high hopes for her. Thanks to the funding from UK Steel Enterprise we can now reach out to even more people and offer further educational opportunities”

For more information about UK Steel Enterprise Ltd please call Graham Parker at Parker PR on 07977 448 306.

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Fancy a nice cup of tea?

Ann with a Flowering Tea Bloom

A former Royal Mail human resources manager has lifted the lid on a new career by turning a hobby into a growing online speciality tea business.  Ann Davis from Doncaster set up The Tea Experience, originally selling traditional China teapots, after being inspired by a gift from her husband, Paul.  The business is expanding and now offers a complete tea drinking experience from imported loose tea to tea ware and gifts.

Recovering from breast cancer a few years ago, Ann was looking for a new direction which would give her the quality of work and lifestyle balance she wanted and with support from Paul, she established The Tea Experience.  What’s surprising about Ann’s new venture is that she has transformed herself from being a non tea drinker to a tea guru, having trained with international tea masters in London.

Importing loose tea from the Far East, Germany and the UK from specialist tea importers and wholesalers, the company ensures consistency of taste and quality for its customers.  The husband and wife team have been lucky enough to travel and work in the Far East, mainly in China, over a number a years.   Each trip provided the opportunity to try a variety of teas which often made them question the quality of what they were drinking at home.

The actual turning point was the gift of a Yixing ‘purple sand’ China teapot. After learning more about them and frequently being asked by friends where they could buy one, the enterprising couple decided to sell the teapots themselves. It was only natural that a small range of teas was added.

The growing business is always looking for innovative new products to bring to the UK market and its latest launch, an artisan tea, is causing a stir.   The Flowering Tea Bloom, a blossoming beverage handmade to order for the company by an award-winning producer in China, offers top quality blooms ensuring customers get the benefit of both great tasting tea and a stunning floral display too.

The blooms are skilfully made with silver needle green tea, a tea variant with leaves that are long and slender rather than the usual Camilla Sinesis leaves.  This tea also has a very fine coating of silver hairs which give the tea blooms a distinctive greyish appearance before it is infused.   The tea leaves are sorted by size and then made into miniature hand sewn bouquets with the dried flowers at the centre.

The artisan skill can take up to 10 minutes to make one bloom.  The tea is light and delicate with a whispered hint of the flowers. The Chinese believe that the flowers may also have health benefits, in the same way we drink flower teas in the UK, so combining this with known benefits of green tea this is a refreshing and healthy drink.

Commenting on her growing tea business, Ann Davis said: “After appreciating the quality of some loose teas versus teabags on our travels, it has become our passion and goal to encourage others to try loose tea.   We want our customers to enjoy a whole tea experience from trying the very best quality loose teas in the most beautiful traditional teapots.  We are still very small, but I can’ believe that my hobby of selling teapots is now growing into a viable website business.  It’s very exciting times for us and we are currently investing in new branding and marketing to help build the business further.”

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