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Lancaster Bomber flypast to celebrate the 100th birthday of Eric Clarke.

The Lancaster Bomber over Doncaster Town Centre

A Lancaster Bomber over Doncaster Town centre and The Mansion House to mark the 100th birthday of former World War Two hero Eric Clarke.

Bomber Command veteran Flight Lieutenant Eric Clarke enjoyed a Civic Reception at the Mansion House to mark the milestone birthday.

Ground testing of Vulcan XH558

Preparing the ‘howl’ at Robin Hood.

The Doncaster based Avro Vulcan XH558 undergoes ground and engine testing at Doncaster’s Robin Hood Airport  as preparations are made for the 2013 Airshow season.


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Vulcan XH558 3 months of ‘ops’ from RHA

It’s almost 3 months since Vulcan XH558 landed at Doncaster’s Robin Hood Airport on its return to the former RAF base.

Having since moved into Hangar 3 the aircraft has now a dedicated home at the airport and will be open to the public as well as be available for private and commercial events.

Having photographed the aircraft in and around the airport on numerous occasions I thought it might be nice to pop together a short slideshow of some of my images.

Check out the website for more pix along with the Vulcan to the Sky site for information on the aircraft and how you can help in keeping this last example flying.



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Take Off! Vulcan Bomber xh558

Take off! xh558 departs Robin Hood Airport

Vulcan xh558 departed it’s new home at Doncaster’s Robin Hood Airport today to undertake a training and crew display currency flight.

The aircraft left the airport at around 1pm cheered on by hundred’s of onlookers who lined the perimeter of the airport and returned almost 2 hours later doing a ‘bump and run’ before landing.

Viewing gallery at Robin Hood Airport.

The aircraft has been on public display at the airport over the Easter weekend and will remain so until the 2nd May after the Vulcan team secured a viewing gallery within the terminal building at Robin Hood Airport.

Check out the Vulcan To The Sky website for more details.

Check out my web gallery for more images of today’s flight along with images taken over the last few weeks………….click here



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The Spirit of Great Britain – Vulcan Bomber XH558

Vulcan XH558 arrives at Robin Hood Airport, a video shot by colleague Trevor Smith.

Check out Trevor’s other video projects on his website or YouTube Channel tspixvideo

Vulcan XH558 on 'the stand' at Robin Hood Airport

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Vulcan to the Sky, the Doncaster skies!

Passengers in the departure lounge take a close look at the aircraft.

Air passengers at Doncaster’s Robin Hood Airport may have had a little surprise today as the last flying Vulcan bomber landed at the airport mixing with the more ‘conventional’ ThomsonFly and Flybe aircraft that usually fly from the South Yorkshire airport.

XH558 will use the former V-bomber base as its home for the summer as it visits air shows around the country. Discussions have begun that could lead to a permanent home for the ‘Cold War’ aircraft  which could be the first stage in the development of a visitor centre that will eventually be linked to a facility to inspire the next generation of engineers and technicians.

ThomsonFly Boeing 737

The aircraft was originally based at RAF Finningley, known as ‘the home of the Vulcans’ between 1961 and 1968 and stood on Quick Reaction Alert during the Cold War. Today she is the world’s only flying Vulcan and the most complex all-British historic aircraft to be operated outside the RAF. She costs around £2 million a year to operate and receives no government funding, making her entirely reliant on public support.

Squadron Leader Martin Withers

Flying the aircraft in today was Vulcan to the Sky chief pilot, Squadron Leader Martin Withers who flew from the site between 1972 and 1982 but is best known as Black Buck One, captain of the famous first 1982 Vulcan mission to the Falkland Islands. At the climax of an 8,000 mile round trip that required refuelling from eleven Victor tankers, Withers and his crew released the bombs that signalled the beginning of the end of the Falklands conflict.

On his arrival at the airport today a thoughtful Withers said “Touching down at Finningley today was one of the most emotional experiences of my professional life”

XH558 deploys it's parachute!

Operating the last flying Vulcan costs around £2 million a year. To hit the 2011 season with stable finances, the Vulcan to the Sky Trust must raise £75,000 before the end of March, £125,000 during April and a further £150,000 by the end of May: a total of £350,000

Please visit the Vulcan to the Sky website and pledge your support to keep this aircraft flying in the skies of Doncaster and the UK, #doncasterisgreat

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